When it's time to change my floor?

If your floor is not only worn but also out-dated compared to the new interiors include design trends, it is time!

Do not forget that always come home renovations, they can provoke the years, wear or just want to make significant changes to give a new atmosphere to your home.

If your floor is wood: Many neglect the care of this beautiful floor, with the passage of time not only look dull but also often suffer affliction with folpes or accidental scratches. Restore the beauty that characterizes this material requires investment not only money but also time, perseverance and much care.

If your floor is ceramic: It is often easier which needs renovation, it not by wear, is m'

It is both the accumulated damage that the best option is to change that does not compare to a repair.

What has been said above is more Aesthetically, are those lights that tell you IT'S TIME! but there is another important focus, that sometimes we ignore but heeding gives magnificent results in home harmony: THE EMOTIONAL FOCUS.

When you look down, when you walk or just heading intentionally look and say, I like it that way ... that tells you already need to renew, to a new environment, it is something that will awaken harmony and give a new sense of pleasure and comfortability.

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